The S(orcerer)-Files
About Video Games

I ordered and received a new game.
(Arthur's Knights I, Origins of Excalibur)
At this time, I'm playing the Age Of Kings from Microsoft.
 More about this game  More about this game
I started with such games in 1994, withWARCRAFT
from Blizzard Entertainment. I Played it for 8 months.
That was the HUGEST GAME I ever played at that time,...
Everything I did with TIN-SOLDIERS when I was young,
could be done in that game,... it was a holy gift!
Then came WARCRAFT II, got me busy for 24 months!
Later I started with Age Of Empires I

Now I am on the internet,
and you know what,... it is also a game,
but now it is with real people.

Do not underestimate the educative power of videogames.
Your children may think faster and more creatif then you do,...
Do you wanna know why ??? Then you need to play a game once and awhile.

TheSorcerer, March 1, 2004