The Chronicles Of Hufkens2000

January 2019

YES,... we made it !

For Christmas I received my very first Blu-Ray Player, 2 Black Panther T-shirts,
a 7 inch tablet, sporting after shave with shampoo and a Durex starterskit of 48 rubbers !
Besides that I scratched over 1000 Euros on tickets of the national lottery
and lost 2 more kilograms by not eating more then necessary !

After Christmas I spended 7 days home alone and celebrated new year by myself for the 27th time.
I do feel a little tensed and nauseous, probably because of all the excitement of these days !

Gentham is a city where discrimination rules !

Women are discriminating men, the elder are discriminating the young,
men are discriminating movies, mothers are discriminating the children of other mothers
and grandmothers are discriminating their neighbours.
Students are discriminating working people and working people are discriminating the poor !

No matter their colors, races or religious background,...
we have humans discriminating humans everywhere !
So everybody is fighting something somewhere !
Lucky for the city, most conflicts are fought only in the minds of the citizans,
where others can't see it, so people can keep their smile while struggling against their demons !

January 19, A second cold front is hitting Gentham City !
The next three weeks will be the hardest of the year.
Children and older people are the most vulnerable.
Some of the citizens will not make it !
Others will get marked for life !

December 2018

It has been two years since I revealed myself to the public and became completly transparant,...

At first I was worried about all that transparancy, but nobody could care any lesser,...
I suppose that is a good thing, because now I don't have to wear a mask !

People who can hear voices can be compared with the mutants out of the X-men series !
They are discriminated and their "mutation" is often seen as a curse.
Turning that curse into a gift needs severe training of body (sport) and mind (study).
"Mutants" are standing alone, are feared and feel humiliated because of their mutation !
There are not enough professors X to give guidance yet, but the problem starts to get mapped,...

December 10th,... What exactly killed Desiree Viola ?
What did "the voices" whisper to make her do what she did ?
Was it the fear for degeneration that became to strong ?
Couldn't she bear not to be the center of the universe anymore ?
Did she assume that the best of her life was behind her once she became 25 ?


After the elections of october this year,
4 different parties formed an alliance
to run Gentham City together in the future !
Newspapers are talking about a super coalition in,...

We are in the final days of 2018 ! December 30th.
How about selling T-shirts with the text " I survived 2018 ! "
Would they sell ? Perhaps something to invest in next year.

Wishing you all a nice end of year and a joyful 2019 !

- A R C H I V E S -

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