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When I try to communicate with animals,
the first reaction I get from almost all animals is,...
"Why the hell would I want to communicate with you!"

Animals are creatures with their own culture,
and they all have that good old überfolk-mentality.

You have cat and dogs like you have white and black people.
You have individuals,... you have jokers and dumb asses.
You have the wise and the fighters,...

But for a bird, dogs and cats are just animals, like human beings.
Birds mostly look at us asking themselves:"What the heck are those primates doing?"
While cats are the masters in gossip.
Dogs want the same kind of "power" and behave mostly as apprentices,...
Finally, maybe the most important of all, the rats,...
You can always find them for a good challenge,
if they want to communicate, of course.

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Knowing this,... you can try communicate with them yourself.